The Original Ortho Back-Up Belt – Ortho Back Up Belt

The Original Ortho Back-Up Belt

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Why Ortho Back-Up Belt Works?
  • A unique design which helps manage lower back pain by creating a counter-force pressure that reduces load on all the vital points
  • Properly utilizes your own muscles to stabilize your lower back without you even noticing it
  • It's not squeezing you out of breath - and neither is it too weak. The unique components and design makes it possible to provide the perfect blend of support and freedom!
  • Ortho Back-Up Belt is suited to all waist sizes - it has been tested on people of all possible sizes to ensure it is good for everyone

Of course, unlike a lot of competing products, it's

  • FULL Lifetime Warranty & 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Provides better circulation & dramatically improves lumbar spine stability.
  • Acts as an injury and pain prevention aid.
  • Lower back pain support belt's unique design holds you in a 'Safe Pain-Reduced Position'.
  • Adjustable to fit most waist sizes from 25" to 54".
  • FDA Registered & Medicare Approved.